Monday, December 28, 2009

Looking Forward

I've been slowly going through the catalog of 1058 films that I'm set up to watch. I own about 10% of the total, which is a help. My local library has another chunk of them, both on video and DVD, and can get me a bunch more through interlibrary loan. Additionally, I live near a major Midwestern university, and I have access to that library as well.

However, my best guess at this point (slowly become more accurate as I work through the catalog) is that there will be a good 100 or so films that will be difficult at best to get my hands on. I'll produce a list of these in the near future, and may ask for support, help, or large shiny arrows pointing at the given films.

It will be impossible to complete this task without some sort of help, and that's really the help I'll need. One of the realities of a list like this is that the creators have tried to be clever at times, and have included obscure films that almost no one has heard of. Sure, I can get as many copies of Little Miss Sunshine as I want. But go to your local video store, library, or NetFlix and ask for Astenicheskij Sindrom. They'll look at you like your dog does when it hears a sound it can't understand.

The good news is that I'll likely be able to come up with a few of these, and most of them won't be a problem until a year or so from now.

More on the list itself in upcoming days.


  1. Do you still need help with any of these titles?

  2. Yeah, there are a number that I can't get around here. I'm hoping to tackle a couple dozen this year. I'm working on getting that number smaller and smaller as we go. Las Hurdes was a recent find for me, and so that's another toughie off the list.