Saturday, September 28, 2019


Yes, I know I missed an Oscar post this past Friday. That's kind of shameful when I've claimed that I'm going to start posting more regularly again. It's especially sad since it's the first one I've flat-out missed since I started this in 2014.

I promise, there's a reason for it. I've been gone for the last four days visiting my father in North Carolina. Dad's been receiving radiation treatments (his prognosis is good), which wear him down pretty hard, so I went to help out. I figured his health was probably more important than this blog for half a week. In all of the not-really-confusion-but-differently-focused-attention, I just didn't have a chance to write anything up.

The post I was going to put up on Friday will go up this Monday, and things will get back to normal. I promise.


  1. Hey, I understand what you're going through. Focus on dad first and everything else can be dealt with later on.

  2. Sorry to hear about your dad. I hope the radiotherapy is doing what it's supposed to do. I hope you and your family are handling this as well as you can.

  3. The fact that this is the first you've missed just shows how consistent you've been. Take all the time you need. Radiation is no fun, having seen others go through it. Good to hear your Dad's prognosis is good.

  4. Glad the prognosis is good and believe me I know how the illness of a parent can pull your focus. Do what you need to do....we'll be here waiting. :-)

    1. Thank you, all. Dad is doing about as well as expected, which is quite well. Prostate cancer is a very common diagnosis for men in their 80s, and it was caught very early (it hadn't metastasized), so we're hopeful that he'll be around for quite awhile longer.

      He's had health incidents in the past that he's survived. This was the first thing that felt like a real diagnosis of something in a lot of ways. Actually, that's not entirely true, but it's felt like the first thing that had that ring of finality to it.

      My first conversation with him after the diagnosis was of the "I've had a good life" variety, and I wasn't prepared for it, especially when his outlook is pretty good. That's kind of what I mean about this feeling different.

      Still, it feels strange to have missed one of these posts, since they have been very much the glue that has held this blog together for more than five years. Even when I took serious breaks from reviews, I never missed an Oscar post.

  5. No worries, man. It is good to see you have your priorities right. Family comes first. You do not need to make excuses to us.