Monday, August 6, 2012

Liebstering Again

A little while ago I posted another Liebster Award. I like these things. They're fun and give me a chance to do something different from my normal posting. Andy Buckle at The Film Emporium put my name at the end of his post, giving me another 11 questions to answer. I'm not going to do the whole post here since I've done it once already, but it would be rude not to answer his questions.

Andy's Questions

1. What was the film that made you feel the most terrified watching?
That's a tough one. I don't scare the same way that other people do, typically. Like, I thought The Exorcist was great, but not that scary because I genuinely don't believe in spiritual or demonic possession. Typically, real-world stuff scares me. Jaws still scares me. But I've probably never been scared by a film as much as I was as a kid the first time I saw the original Invasion of the Body Snatchers. I didn't sleep right for a week.

2. Chaplin or Keaton?
Keaton. I like Chaplin (who doesn't?) but I think Keaton is funnier. If I list out favorite silent films, Keaton is on that list a lot.

3. What is the greatest shift/turnaround of opinion, either positive or negative, you have had after a repeat viewing?
The Sixth Sense. I was an early convert to this film. I loved it, I preached it, and I thought everyone should see it. It's a film that holds up well to a second viewing, too. But not a third. It's sort of like Shirley Jackson's story "The Lottery." Great once (what a shock!), great twice (why didn't I see it the first time) and flat out dull after that.

4. What is your first memorable trip to the cinemas?
Being taken to Carpenter's The Thing when I was far too young because my brother and sister weren't supposed to leave me unattended. I watched the whole thing, and for the first time, get treated by them not like a kid, but like a peer.

5. If you were to add one film to last year's Best Pic nominees to make up 10 what would it have been?
Pass. I see so little in the theater that I don't think any opinion I have here would be worthwhile. I've seen about five films from 2011. If there's a gun to my head, The Skin I Live In.

6. What is your single favourite performance ever?
Wow. Kenneth Branagh in Henry V. But I'm shortchanging a lot of great performances.

7. What is you favourite animated film?
Easiest question so far! The Incredibles is probably top-10 for me in general, so it's the only possible answer for me here.

8. What is your favourite era (decade) of cinema?
My formative cinema years were the 1980s, but I think the 1970s were better.

9. What is the best film you have seen in 2012 so far?
If you're talking about 2012 films, The Avengers because it's one of about three I've seen in theaters this year. If you're asking what's the best film I was introduced to this year, probably Wings of Desire. If best film I've watched this year in general...The Lord of the Rings saga.

10. Name an underrated television show you feel doesn't get the attention it deserves.
I very rarely watch television at all. Anglophiles, and especially fans of British comedy should watch That Mitchell and Webb Look start to finish, though.

11. Is there a film you feel completely alone in liking/disliking?
I think everyone has great films they hate--I do, but find that over and over there are people who agree with me. Still, I took a huge beating for disliking Chicago and will probably do the same when I eventually get around to hating on Forrest Gump.


  1. Don't feel bad about hating "Chicago". 45 minute in I decided to call it the day and I never returned to it.

  2. I had no idea that the movie version of Chicago had such a huge fan base. I haven't seen it, and I'm okay with that. I won't be joining the chorus of complainers if you post about hatred of Forest Gump. I think that Hanks does his best to disguise them, but the movie has a lot of issues, particularly with the script.

  3. High five for same opinion on Forrest Gump. Can't wait to read your review on that one.

    I had such a weird experience with Chicago. I saw it in theaters and loved it (of course, I also love the stage musical, so I was predisposed to like it). I thought it was slick and exhilarating and just fantastic.

    A few weeks later, I took my sister to see it - again, in theaters. I was shocked: on its second viewing, it lost ALL of its power. It felt dull and flat, like a punctured balloon. I was astounded at how different the two experiences were. That right there made me doubt its greatness and "legacy."

    Branagh in Henry V - interesting choice. That's a great movie, man.

    Hey, just like me, you don't really watch current releases! Yeah, I'm all about watching "old" movies at home and skipping the theater. I go to the theater just a handful of times a year nowadays. Instead, I frequent the library for DVDs.

    1. Yep. I love the library. What I love even more is that I have access to multiple libraries. There's the one in my home town, the multi-branch library(ies) in the city I work in, and the university library also in my town. Plus my school library.

      The theater experience is expensive and often unsatisfactory with the way people behave. I'd rather watch on my own terms and as I want. In a "big" year these days, I'll see half a dozen new films. Typically, it's more like three or four.

  4. Nice answers Steve.

    I have not seen the original Invasion of the Body Snatchers, but I did manage to watch half of the one with Donald Sutherland before the DVD skipped and I couldn't watch anymore. I'd be keen to watch it again, though.

    Oh wow, you saw The Thing at the cinema. That would have been terrifying.

    I really enjoy The Incredibles, but as much as I like it, its probably not even Top 5 Pixar for me. That is an interesting choice.

    I don't like Forrest Gump either. I'd also like to one day explain my stance on that one. I can't comment on Chicago because I have never seen it. Have never been a fan of musicals, although Cabaret was very good.

    1. I genuinely love the first Body Snatchers and can't recommend it enough. As for The Thing...well, I'm old. I was 14 when it was released, and I was dragged to opening weekend. It's still a favorite of mine, and it's really one of the reasons I love horror movies.

      I sometimes argue with my mom about Forrest Gump. She thinks it's a triumph of the human spirit. I think it's a depressing film about a really stupid man.