Monday, April 23, 2012

An Announcement of Sorts

No review today. Sorry.

I'm realizing that I've got a little more than a year to go on the giant-ass list I've been working on. There are a number of other lists that I've compiled that I will be working on in the near future. With the new version of Blogger, I've got a little bit more freedom to put things together the way I want. If you look directly to the right, you'll see a few new things. Specifically, you'll see links to other pages of film lists that I'll be completing in the months and years ahead.

First, there is a trio of horror film lists that I've found that all look interesting. These lists come from Time Out London, Bravo Television, and Fangoria magazine. There's a bunch of crossover (particularly on the first two), but still multiple dozens that have passed by me.

The bigger list is actually five more lists--the complete collection of Best Picture, Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Actor, and Best Actress nominees in Oscar history. Again, I'll have already reviewed a number of these, but there are plenty I won't have touched. I'm excited about that particular project because I'm going to do something else with it as well. When I complete a given set of nominees, I'll take a look back at them and determine which I would have picked, had I been given a vote.

So, while I'm still concentrating on the main list for the moment, expect to see some deviation here and there moving forward.


  1. Congrats on the expansion of your blog. I've actually been doing some parallel work apparently. (Great minds think alike). I've been compiling tracking lists from any number of sources with the goal of sharing them with others. I'm not sure when I will have that ready for "primetime", though. It's going to end up being a separate blog titled Lists from Chip.

    One of the rarer things I've got are the IMDB Top 250 lists from the end of each year going back to 1998. I've merged them into a single list and then I've added weighting to it to counter some of the tendency for brand new films to go right to the top of the list.

    I've been using those lists for years, which is part of the reason I had already seen close to half of the films on the 1,001 list.

    (Not that you need even more lists to work from at the moment.)

    I'll check out your director, actor, and actress lists. I hadn't been planning to compile those.

  2. I considered the IMDB Top 250, but never really went anywhere with it.

    Based on the rate at which I typically get through films, I'm thinking the additional lists will take me through the bulk of this decade. I'm good with that--I like having a project to work on.

    I realized looking at my notes that I recorded the best director films, but not the actual directors, so that one will probably take me a couple of days to finish. Actor and Actress lists are up now, though. I had to physically restrain myself from adding the Supporting categories.

    1. We all have to draw the line somewhere. I restricted myself to the movie categories - Best Picture, Best Documentary, Best Foreign Language Film, and Best Animated Film.

    2. I thought long and hard about Foreign, and it's one I still might add. I'm guessing (knowing me) that I'll go back and do the Supporting categories, foreign, and cinematography some day.

  3. I forgot to mention. Just a heads up on the nominees. The Patriot (1928) has been lost, so there is no way to complete all the Best Picture nominees. (I found that out a few months ago). In addition, The Patriot, The Way of All Flesh, and The Rogue Song all had Best actor nominations/wins from them and all have been lost.

    1. Yeah, I'll muddle through as best I can. Sad, but it's not going to stop me.