Monday, May 31, 2010

Month Five Status Report

The count stands, if I'm remembering correctly, at 148, which means I've still got a long way to go. There are more than 900 films still to watch on the list.

I had planned for May to be a month in which I tackle a lot of musicals, but I watched none. I did, however, knock out more than half a dozen subtitled films, which is a good thing. Expect for that trend to continue--I have a couple of Spanish films on deck, and a few more foreign titles ordered.

That said, the next few weeks will be slim in terms of updates, while the end of the month will be chock full o' film. I do need to get back to the musicals, so it's safe to say that there will be two or three days during which I watch more than one, and these will come at the end of the month. I also have a couple of three-movie days planned, but these will happen either in very late June or in early July.

It's also entirely possible that I won't watch a ton of actual films at the end of the month, but will knock out some of the big ones. I've been looking at lengths recently, and there are a few monsters like Les Vampires that are the equivalent of three or four films. The more of these I can take out now, the better the end of the year and beyond will be. So, I suppose that's possible as well.

June, here we come.

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