Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Month Eight Status Report

So, eight months in and 203 movies down, including the two I saw in the theater that will almost certainly end up on this list eventually. Those two bring the total list up to 1070, putting me just a hair shy of 20%, which I should reach in the next couple of weeks.

I watched a lot fewer in August--only 16--but I've concentrated on longer, more difficult films at least in some respects. Additionally, I've watched the third or so of one of the longer films, and am waiting for the follow-up DVDs to show up in the mail, so I've actually done a little more than the 16 that show here.

What I have discovered, though, is that there are about two dozen directors with four or more films on the list who I haven't touched yet. I think getting these directors' collections started by the end of the year is an achievable, worthwhile goal. For the record, here are the directors in question:

4 movies
John Cassavetes
Carl Dryer
Rainer Werner Fassbinder
Krzystof Krislowski
Ang Lee
Leo McCary
Max Ophuls
Satyajit Ray
Rob Reiner
Roberto Rosselini
Ridley Scott
Ben O. Sharpstein
Paul Verhoeven
Lucino Visconti
Raoul Walsh

5 movies
Bernardo Bertolucci
Robert Bresson

6 movies
Woody Allen
Robert Altman
Jean Renoir
Orson Welles

10 movies
Ingmar Bergman

18(!) movies
Alfred Hitchcock

It may seem like an oversight to have ignored at least Hitchcock to this point, but that at least is by design. My thinking is that if I delay my Hitchcock viewing as long as possible, the more Hitch I get to watch at the same time.

Upon further review, these numbers are wrong. There are movies on my list that are not in the index of the fifth edition, either having been removed or added at some point.
Pedro Almodovar, Lawrence Kasdan, and Abbas Kiarostami all have four films and I have (re)viewed none of them. Additionally, Woody Allen has seven on the list instead of six.

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