Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Month 13 Status Report

This was a good month for milestones on this blog. Early in the month I crossed the point of having fewer than 800 films to go and at the end of the month broke through to having more than 300 films reviewed. Better, fully one-third of what I watched in January was subtitled or silent (or, in the case of Les Vampires, both). I like foreign films often enough, but when I get busy, I find them difficult to watch.

Also important to me is that almost everything I watched in January was new to me--a couple of exceptions, but only one or two. Since one of the main reasons I took this pursuit up was to challenge myself with the new and different, spending most of my last three months or so watching films I'd never seen before is a step toward where I want to be.

As I look forward into February, I expect more of the same, but with fewer films. February gets busy toward the end, so I'll be lucky to hit 20 films total. Look to see one of the longest films left on the list topple in about 10 days, and probably a jaunt back into musicals at least once (I watched none in January).

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