Friday, December 31, 2010

End of Year One

Strange Days, indeed. Most peculiar, Momma.

So as 2010, the first year of this blog wraps up, I stand at 271 films from the list viewed, or roughly 25%. Actually, I'm a little over. An exact quarter would be 269 3/4, so I pushed past a touch. Additionally, there's a review of Inception floating around there, since I presume that it will be added to the list with the 8th edition.

More importantly, I'm more than one-quarter of the way done in terms of length of films. By rough calculation, I have watched exactly 543 hours of film this year and have about 1524 still to go. Since the list is only going to get longer, being a little ahead of the game is a good thing.

Of course, my original projection for this was two years, which certainly won't happen. I had hoped to get a film done every day, and at one point projected a whopping 400 films this year. Obviously, that didn't happen, either. I'm looking at three more years for this project, I think, and an undertaking this grand in four years is not a bad thing.

I still have a lot to do, obviously. At the moment, there are 808 films still to be watched and written about. In 2011, I hope to plow through more difficult films, hit the earlier years on the list more heavily, and continue to push my way through the longest films on the list as well as hunt down the ones that are difficult to find.

I've been helped immeasurably by NetFlix, of course, but also by the DeKalb and Rockford Public Libraries, the PrairieCat interlibrary loan system, Disc Replay in Rockford, and the many who continue to read my ramblings. The biggest thanks go to Sue and the girls, who shake their heads at me, but still put up with my movie nonsense.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Trying, boss. Trying. Sometimes, it seems like something insurmountable.

  2. I am at 128 viewed since starting in late March 2010, so working at about half the pace that you are on. Keep up the good work, I really enjoy reading the blogs! I will be very interested to see how you are able to find some of the hard to find movies.


  3. I'm curious about that myself. There's about four dozen that will be more difficult than they should be.