Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Month 11 Status Report

November has come and gone, and I'm still plugging away at the list. It's worth noting (since this was the goal) that while I didn't watch much in November, everything I watched was new to me. I realized (and still realize) that I've relied too much on films I've already seen, and too much on my personal collection this year.

Of the 820 or so still to watch, I've seen roughly 150, making the list of new-to-me films well over 650. I'm going to continue to concentrate on new-to-me films for the rest of the year, but it's impossible for me not to hit some Christmas movies and a few other beloved films before 2010 rings its last.

And then? Year 2 is just around the corner. Based on current projections, I should finish this up around 2013, assuming I can find all of the films. There are still some three or four dozen problematic ones, and I need to get on those--an issue since my local public library will emphatically not get audio-visual material through WorldCat. Two of the other libraries I can access won't do interlibrary loan for me. The fourth...well, I don't want to affect the librarian's numbers too much, so caution is required.

Ready for December? I am.

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