Friday, September 30, 2011

Month 21 Status Report

Not much to report. I watched 22 films in September. I'm shooting for 30 in October. As far as the entire list goes, there are just over 600 films left on the list--that's bumped up from the latest edition of The Book.

So, if you haven't spotted the changes, here are the new films:
District 9
In the Loop
Of Gods and Men
Black Swan
Four Lions
The Social Network
The King's Speech
True Grit


  1. Seen 5/10 ... I did the same kind of post on the site today.

    Keep up the work my man.

  2. Seen 4/10...and my viewing stats are so low its kinda embarrassing! I keep telling myself 'Four more weeks...then I'll have free time..." Of those ten, I think I'm looking forward to finally watching Four Lions most.

  3. Seen 9/10 of these. Only exception is In the Loop.

  4. I've seen four of them so far, and I have The King's Speech sitting next to the bed.

    @Ruth--Four Lions is tremendous.

  5. I've seen 7 of these. I have yet to see In The Loop, Of Gods and Men, and Four Lions.

  6. "Have You Seen," the book by David Thomson is another book featuring 1000 or so movies. Though he includes some movies he doesn't seem to like too much. So if your feeling your list is getting depleted, check it out and perhaps you can add about 400 or so new titles to your "to see" list.

  7. Heh. The list is not getting anywhere close to depleted. 600 films is still a lot of movie to get through.

    @Nick--I'm really interested in In the Loop. Hopefully before the year's up.

  8. @Chris--

    I checked out Thomson's list. Interesting, and I've seen about a third of them. He concentrates WAY too much on pre-1940 film, though.