Thursday, October 31, 2013

Month 46 Status Report

October was a heavy month, folks. A heavy, heavy month. But it was a damn fine one, too. I knocked out 27 films, leaving me with a mere 20. Finishing in November now looks to be a real thing, and it's something well within my sights.

Of the remaining 20 films, 10 can be found on NetFlix as DVDs, two are streaming, there are three remaining on the flashdrive, and the final five are in my collection. All of that is good news--I have access to all of the films I need. My biggest worry is broken discs through the mail, something that seems to happen at the worst possible times. Honestly, that's the only thing I see preventing me from finishing in November.

Semper paratus!


  1. You can finish before Thanksgiving and have a four day weekend off with your family. :-)

    For what it's worth, are you counting one film as completed that you haven't posted yet?

  2. Did I miscount? I should have 20 that I haven't posted yet--as it turns out, I have written two of those already.

    1. Based on the email you sent me it was the new addition Dead Ringers that I was counting extra. I now see you reviewed it back before it was added. I could have sworn your List links here still had 21 with no link when I doublechecked before posting my first comment, though.

      Sorry for the confusion. I just didn't want you to get to what you thought was the end only to find you had one more to go.

    2. Yeah--Dead Ringers happened to be on one of my horror lists, and was a film I did in my podcasting days.

      If there are 21 films missing links, it might well be that I forgot to link one. That happens now and again.