Sunday, May 1, 2011

Month 16 Status Report

Another milestone reached--I hit the 1/3 completed mark this month, and that's a good thing. I also managed to tackle half a dozen or so foreign films, which is good. It's not good enough and it's far short of the goal I wanted to hit this month in terms of foreign films, but at least I made an effort there. Also on the downside, I got off the silent movie bandwagon for a few weeks, and I need to get back on that.

On the positive side, I watched a number of really long movies this month, including the 800-pound gorilla that is Shoah. It's in this area that I made the greatest strides.

I need to get back to the silents and the foreign films. My mindset somehow doesn't pick up on foreign films often enough--I'm looking at what I currently have checked out, and only one is in a language other than English. So, I'm rededicating myself to subtitled and intertitled films this month.

In terms of straight math, figuring three more editions of the book this year and the next two, I need to average about 23 films per month to finish by the end of 2013. I should be close, although there are those films that are nearly impossible for me to find. It might get tight in a couple of years.

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