Friday, March 1, 2013

Month 38 Status Report

My goal every month for some time now has been 25 films. I had to stretch to hit that in February, and that stretch involved a couple of double features, but I did scrape it in under the wire.

But, nothing out of the ordinary in general for the month. I've got a little more room to play in March, which is good--since I do themed double features when I do them, I'm starting to run out of possibilities. I never thought there would be a downside to getting closer and closer to finishing up, but there it is. The biggest milestone was finishing up the films from the 1940s.

I currently stand at 182 films to go, which means I'll be right around the "down to two figures" point in early June, and am hoping to finish up right around the time the next edition publishes. We'll see what happens then.


  1. There are times when I'm not sure it's good or just my own CDO (which is like OCD except that things are in alphabetical order the way they should be!

  2. Congrats on finishing out the 1940s and on getting under 200 left. I was gaining on you last fall, but the last two months I've watched relatively few films from the list, so you've been pulling away again.

    In regards to your double features problem, here are a few I would toss out to you.

    1. The Decline of the American Empire and The Barbarian Invasions. This is a natural since Barbarian is a sequel to Decline, although made many years later. I watched them back to back and I know I picked up on many things in the sequel that I would not have if I watched them far apart. They are two totally different kinds of movies, too, even though they have the same characters in them.

    2. Head On (Gegen Die Wand) and Distant (Uzak). The first is a powerful film on two Turkish immigrants/fake spouses/lovers in Germany, while the second is a Turkish film that deals with a city guy having to take in a relative from the country. Aside from the obvious connection, both deal with alienation and almost-strangers having to live together and get along.

    3. The Celebration (Festen) and The Idiots (Idioterne). Festen is the first Dogme 95 film ever made and Idioterne is, I believe, the third. Get ready for lots of shakycam and sometimes not much lighting.

    1. Thanks for the suggestions. The only one I knew I had was Million Dollar Baby and Rocky. Beyond that, I figured I had to start digging, or start looking for double features of directors or specific actors.

  3. 182 films to go out of 1001? That's impressive

    I second Chip on Gegen Die Wand, a very powerful watch.