Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Breaking News! UPDATED!

So, the latest edition of The Book is evidently being shipped right now. In bigger news, the complete index is available at Amazon. It's evident that they've re-added some films, because in going through, I found only 45 new ones (46 if you count the two new Toy Story films being added individually).

According to my not-very-painstaking research, here's the new additions.

1. The Adventures of Prince Achmed
2. Amour
3. Argo
4. Bowling for Columbine
5. The Cabin in the Woods
6. Cave of Forgotten Dreams
7. Christ Stopped at Eboli
8. The Consequences of Love
9. Dead Ringers
10. The Devils
11. Distant Voices, Still Lives
12. Diva
13. Django Unchained
14. The Draughtsman’s Contract
15. The Eagle
16. Elephant
17. The Exiles
18. The Exterminating Angel
19. F for Fake
20. Field of Dreams
21. Fireworks
22. The Goddess
23. The Great White Silence
24. The Hired Hand
25. The Lady Vanishes
26. Life of Pi
27. Limite
28. Lincoln
29. Local Hero
30. Mary Poppins
31. Les Miserables
32. Moolaade
33. Mrs. Miniver
34. Oklahoma
35. Osama
36. Peter Ibbetson
37. RoboCop
38. Skyfall
39. Sleeping Dogs
40. Some Came Running
41. Summer with Monika
42. A Throw of the Dice
43. The Towering Inferno
44/5. Toy Story Trilogy
46. Wake in Fright
47. Aileen: Life and Death of a Serial Killer
48. The Man with the Golden Arm
49. Wall Street

Chip Lary has a complete breakdown of the new, the readded, and the ousted available at his site. Go check it out!


  1. Some really interesting choices. I thought the Towering Inferno was only on my list!

  2. Will you be posting a rundown of the additions and deletions? Pleeease?

    1. When it's official. I don't usually track the deletions because in my world, once on The List, always on The List.

      I'm sort of disappointed in what we got. While some of the choices are great ones (I'm still really surprised by Dead Ringers), this was a chance to re-instate Amelie and pick up the terrible misses of Safety Last! and 28 Days Later among others.

    2. @Jaime - I will be posting a comprehensive list of additions, re-additions, and deletions, ones you may have trouble tracking down, where you can probably find them, and finally some analysis on what got added and removed either Thursday or Friday, depending on when I receive the book.

    3. @Jaime - I now have it up. You can find that here:

  3. I picked up the Book myself at Barnes and Noble, and posted a chronological list of the additions on Chip's relevant post. Some of these listed here are not included, and there is I think one maybe two inclusions not listed here.

  4. You have three I missed--Wall Street, Aileen Wuornos: The Life and Death of a Serial Killer, and The Man with the Golden Arm. All three are NetFlix available--the Wuornos film is streaming. I went back and forth between your post on Chip's page and my list--everything I have is on yours (Fireworks is apparently the English name of Hana-bi).

    This takes us to 48 additions. With two re-adds (Boogie Nights and Russian Ark from what I gather) we're up to 50.

    Here are the "not available on NetFlix" films:
    The Consequences of Love
    The Devils (found online)
    Distant Voices, Still Lives (found online)
    The Eagle (found online)
    The Goddess (found online)
    The Great White Silence
    Local Hero (found online)

    So, five out of the eight are available on YouTube. That leaves three to track down.

    1. There are a few more re-adds; virtually the entire year of 2002 that's in the new edition are technically re-adds, as they all were taken out at some point - I know Gangs of New York is one that's definitely a re-add since it was removed.

    2. Adolytsi - You are correct that Gangs of New York and Russian Ark from 2002 are re-adds. The others had come back prior to this year. There is a string of pages right in a row with a bunch of new films, though, isn't there?

  5. It's great to see Prince Achmed on there. That film deserves a lot more attention. I'm not sure I agree on all the recent films. I really liked Lincoln (more than a lot of people), but I wouldn't say it needs to be there. Life of Pi is impressive, but it's also a bit shaky for me. Same for Argo, though I know that the Best Picture winner is a definite add. The Exterminating Angel is another fun choice. Such a crazy film!

  6. I know there's already a lot of Hitchcock but I consider The Lady Vanishes to be in his very top tier and am glad it's now on there! (They can take out Sabotage as far as I'm concerned.) And I have check on what they did take out. No good celebrating to soon ...

    1. @Dan--there are some interesting choices. Dead Ringers, a film I really like, is a very surprising pick.

      But there are still a lot of misses. There's still no Ray Harryhausen work. There's still nothing from Aardman Entertainment. There's still no recognition of a lot of the really interesting and edgy horror from the last 15 years. I expected a much more robust crop from 2012, too--Flight, The Master, Silver Linings Playbook among others. Best Picture, Best Foreign Language, and Best Director are generally locks. And Life of Pi is the cover, so...

      @Marie--the early word is that they did remove a Hitchcock film...Shadow of a Doubt. If that's the case, they made a huge mistake in pulling that one over Blackmail, Sabotage, Marnie, or Frenzy.

    2. Shadow of a Doubt is still there; they removed Sabotage to fit in The Lady Vanishes, according to the new edition's preface.

    3. There were three Hitchcock removed - Sabotage, Spellbound, and The Man Who Knew Too Much - and one Hitchcock added - The Lady Vanishes.

    4. I'm not terribly upset by any of those being removed. I'd have kept The Man Who Knew Too Much and pitched Marnie and Frenzy. But especially Marnie.

    5. I actually don't think The Man Who Knew Too Much should be there. It has a great finale but a lot of fluff. The Lady Vanishes is definitely worth adding.

    6. Eh, I like the song. It's mid-range Hitchcock in my opinion. I'm not that troubled by it being gone, but I'd have rather seen Marnie go because it's not only pretty bad, it has significant moral problems as well.

  7. Shadow of a Doubt!!! Not one I could do without...

  8. Replies
    1. It's one of the few bright spots here with what they could (should) have put on The List.